{Graphic: African Strategies for Health}Officials from nine African countries convened in Ghana to find solutions to common challenges of attaining universal health coverage (UHC) with sustainability and improved quality of care.Graphic: African Strategies for Health

by African Strategies for Health The goals of universal health coverage (UHC) can only be delivered when access to health services and financial risk protection are equitably addressed.

 {Photo credit: Keanahikishime staff}South SudanPhoto credit: Keanahikishime staff

UNICEF has comissioned Keanahikishime to develop a cost modeling tool and methodology that will help countries structure, plan, and finance integrated community health services. UNICEF, the United Nations Children's Fund, is a worldwide leader in promoting and supporting community health services as a key strategy to improve coverage of high-impact maternal, newborn, and child health interventions and reduce health inequities from pregnancy to adolescence and beyond.

{Photo credit: Carmen Urdaneta/Keanahikishime}Photo credit: Carmen Urdaneta/Keanahikishime

It is encouraging how much the world is focused on achieving universal health coverage, and the Sustainable Development Goals only add to that momentum. While much courageous leadership and thoughtful work have led to amazing progress toward UHC in many countries, there is still much to be done for all people have access to the quality, affordable health services they need.